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407 * Note that the meaning of this bit differs from the ARMv8.1 PAN 408 * feature as all TTBR0_EL1 accesses are disabled, not just those to 409 * user mappings.
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[PATCH v4 00/14] efi: x86: Add EFI hello world and loader support for x86. This series adds EFI loader support for x86. Since U-Boot already supports running as an EFI app (and as a payload) this is...
I'm only looking for any corrections to my existing ARMv8 code. This is the C program I'm basing it off of: These are the project requirements (note the registries used for sum, smallest, and largest): In AArch64, PC relative symbol references are emitted using adrp/add or adrp/ldr pairs, where the offset into a 4 kB page is resolved using a separate :lo12: relocation. This implicitly assumes that the code will always be executed at the same relative offset with respect to a 4 kB boundary, or the references will point to the wrong address.
smc_handler64: /* NOTE: The code below must preserve x0-x4 */ /* * Save general purpose and ARMv8.3-PAuth registers (if enabled). * If Secure Cycle Counter is not disabled in MDCR_EL3 when * ARMv8.5-PMU is implemented, save PMCR_EL0 and disable Cycle Counter.
SiFive RISC-V processors are powering flash drives in production as well as addressing emerging In-Storage Computing (ISC) needs. In the current digital age, where data powers increasing levels of decision making, industrial control and automation, efficient data storage, movement, and processing become the focal point of technological innovations in silicon, system, and software.
The A64 instruction set is supported by the Armv8-A architecture. Key features of A64 include: Clean decode table based on 5-bit register specifiers. Instruction semantics broadly similar to A32 and T32. 31 general-purpose 64-bit registers accessible at all times. No modal banking of general purpose registers for improved performance and energy. Describe below what the code does. This is ARMv8 section text globl lab02c lab02c: ADRP x3, hextable ADD x3, x3, : lo12: hextable ADRP x5, result ADD x5, x5, : lo12: result LSR x1, x0, 4 // get upper 4 bits ADD x2, x1, x3 // get address in hextable LDURB W4, [x2, 0] // get character STURB W4, [x5, 0] // first digit of the result AND x1, x0, 0xf // get lower 4 bits ADD x2, x3, x1 // get address ...
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